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ACCIONA develops an app that ensures full control of the entire concrete process to reduce co2 emissions

Transport28 Nov 2022

The objective of this new technology is guaranteeing the top quality of the concrete we deliver t...

ACCIONA | Sainz XE team finishes third in Extreme E 2022 championship

Corporate28 Nov 2022

Extreme E closes an edition in which spectators have raised awareness of the climate impact on fo...

"Integrating sustainability and finance is proving incredibly effective for ACCIONA”

Corporate11 Nov 2022

The integration of the Sustainability and Finance areas is having an "incredibly effective" resul...

ACCIONA develops a solution to prevent fouling in reverse osmosis membranes

Water9 Nov 2022

The new biological indicator will be integrated into a predictive tool based on Artificial Intell...

Al Jazeera exhibition opens in Qatar, designed and produced by ACCIONA Cultura

Social3 Nov 2022

ACCIONA Cultura is responsible for delivering the design, museography works and maintenance of th...

ACCIONA introduces cutting-edge construction materials in its works to cut emissions by 36%

Transport2 Nov 2022

The company is currently working on two projects in Spain with such pioneering techniques that wi...

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How technology can optimize efficiency in water management processes

Water22 Sep 2022
Water Management is not only a provided service, it means much more than this: it is an unavoidable ...

Keeping concrete cool in construction with high temperatures

Transport6 Jul 2022
Building with concrete in very hot places, such as the Middle East, poses specific challenges. At hi...

Smart transportation or how to build the future of railway

Transport6 Jun 2022
Throughout its long history, the railway has proven to be one of the fastest, most efficient, most c...

Our projects from another point of view

Sustainable regeneration: the art of improving without altering - BR

Below we look at some of the communities that have benefited from the energy, water and sanitation programs of the acciona.org foundation - and can testify that the lives of people are being improved while as far as possible respecting their identities and the surroundings they live in.

Our projects from another point of view

Pioneers of the wind - BR

ACCIONA Energía put the first commercial wind farms into service in Spain almost 30 years ago. The experience obtained since then has made the company one of the most trusted in the sector.

Our projects from another point of view

Energy of the Istmo - Brasil versión

Thanks to this ACCIONA program to support the incorporation of female professionals on wind farms, there are more and more women engineers working in maintenance jobs at facilities in the Isthmus region of Mexico.

The latest news about sustainability

COP27 creates a fund for vulnerable countries, but doesn’t address fossil fuels

COP27 did not increase the ambition to reduce the use of fossil fuels, but has created a fund to repair the damage caused by climate change

The latest news about sustainability

The machinery of delay now masking as climate change denial

Climate change denial has gone from rejecting scientific evidence to dodging taking urgent measures to halt global warming

The latest news about sustainability

The race to develop green hydrogen - a sustainable challenge

The race to produce green hydrogen has begun - with several world powers competing to lead the field


Discover Europe’s biggest floating caisson-building dock, able to construct docks and quays of over 200 meters long within a month 😲 ⚓️


This is how @ACCIONAEnergia builds its first PV plant in the US! Great job, @ACCIONA_US! ☀️🇺🇸 https://t.co/QPy0Xvfx4i